Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is a warming of the air around us.  It  gets  its  name  from  the  greenhouses that  people  use  to  grow  plants.  These greenhouses let in heat from sunlight and trap it inside.  Earth’s atmosphere the layer of air that surrounds our planet–also traps heat.
       Greenhouse effect is raised temperature at a planet’s surface as result of heat energy being trapped by gases in the atmosphere. Certain gases cause the atmosphere to act like the glass in a greenhouse. As a result, the temperature of a planet’s surface may be  higher  than  it  otherwise  would  be–on  Earth  about 33º  C  (59ºF)  higher.  The  main  gases  that  produce the  greenhouse  effect  on  Earth  are  water  vapor and carbon dioxide. Scientists suspect that increased discharge of carbon dioxide from human activity (notably motor transport and industry) is contributing to global warming.


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